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We meet in church on Sundays at 10am & 6pm. The morning service is livestreamed from 10am.

We look forward to welcoming you.

The Church is open Mon-Fri, 10am-3pm for private prayer.
The Hall remains closed. 

DIY creche for Sparklers & Comets

(0-5yrs) in the Upper Hall,
email sarah@st-nics.org
AllStars (schl yrs 1-5) leave for the sermon, email caroline@st-nics.org
Pathfinders (schl yrs 6-8) meet onsite, email ed@st-nics.org 
Firm (schl yrs 9-13) are on Summer break.

Click here for Safeguarding information.


Turning the world upside down 04: Surprised by God
Pam McKellen, 01/08/2021
Turning the world upside down 03: Called by Christ
Will Hunter Smart, 25/07/2021
Turning the world upside down 02: Good news travels
Will Hunter Smart, 18/07/2021
Turning the world upside down 01: Shaken but not stopped
Jackie Fountain, 11/07/2021
Returning and rebuilding 08: Work in progress
Marcia Wadham, 04/07/2021
Thursday 5 August
10:30amThursday Communion @ St Nicolas Church
Sunday 8 August
10:00amMorning Worship & Livestream @ St Nicolas Church
6:00pmInformal Worship @ St Nicolas Church

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